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At RFM we take a root cause approach to healing. Weight loss resistance is no exception. While we believe in the wisdom of weight loss foundations: eating in a nutrient-dense manner with an appropriate caloric deficit and intentional macros, healthy movement, stress mitigation, and restorative sleep, we know that the ability to lose weight is deeper than those pillars for some people. We look forward to partnering with you through this journey to ensure you have a solid foundation in place and, if needed, dive into your root causes of weight loss resistance.

We know that losing weight is one of the hardest things someone will do in their life. We believe that working with a health coach gives someone the best chance at success because of the accountability, clarity, support, guidance, and knowledge involved in this type of care. There is so much noise out there about how to lose weight; it can be hard to know where to even start. And there are so many reasons why most people fail at losing weight. Our health coaches have worked with hundreds of patients with a wide variety of weight loss histories. They are compassionate, encouraging, and seasoned in walking with clients through their unique weight loss struggles.

Added bonuses to weight loss:


Mental clarity
re energy
Less bloating
Improved mood
Ability to participate in the activities you love without worrying about carrying around extra weight


Approaches to weight loss that we believe are not optimal:

Diet pills
Programs that incorporate low quality packaged foods or harmful ingredients
Programs that encourage starvation or extensive fasting
Hcg diet
Diet food products
Any quick fix
Weight loss surgery


We believe in a strong, lasting support for losing weight. With a functional approach to weight loss you have hope for wellness beyond weight loss instead of a growing list of possible side effects or new problems to cover up with other medications or unhealthy habits.

Book Your Initial Weight Loss Support Consultation

Initial Consult                          60  minutes                         $99

45 minute follow-up              45 minutes                          $79

30 minute follow-up             30 minutes                          $59  




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