Dr. Meredith Rusthoven DNP, CNM, IFMCP

I have had a passion for health and medicine from an early age. Years of sneaking to watch surgeries and medical shows on cable at my grandma’s house followed by a strong interest in women’s health in college led me to pursue a career in healthcare. After getting my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Rhodes College, I completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at The University of Colorado, graduating summa cum laude. I then went on to complete my Master of Science in Nursing, specializing in Nurse Midwifery, and then my Doctor of Nursing Practice at CU. My doctoral work focused on decreasing non-medical formula supplementation of exclusively breastfed babies in the hospital after birth.


After catching (“delivering”) babies and providing obstetric and gynecologic care to women for several years in many settings (private practice, hospital-based practice, and public health), I kept seeing the same outcomes: patients with several problems or diagnoses, none being managed optimally, that never felt GREAT. These same patients typically waited for their provider that was running behind, were then rushed through appointments, only to not truly be heard, and just given a diagnosis and corresponding prescription. Most patients weren’t feeling better and many were adding more prescriptions to their list. This COULDN’T be the answer.


I am so excited to have a Functional Medicine practice where I can look at root causes for patient’s chronic health concerns and guide them on their path to healing. I utilizes lifestyle medicine, including food choices, safe exercise, stress reduction, healthy relationships, quality sleep, and spiritual practice, alongside functional lab testing, targeted supplements, and medications when appropriate to get people well.


When I am not seeing patients or geeking out about Functional Medicine, I can be found enjoying life with my wonderful husband, family, friends, and cute JRT. I spend a ton of time in the kitchen trying new paleo, Instant Pot, and keto recipes. We love living life to the fullest in beautiful Colorado - hiking, exploring, cycling, frequenting the many farmer’s markets - there is never a shortage of fun things to do. Downtime = knitting, reading, patio time, and fireplaces...we love us some hygge.

Cheryl Montgomery 

Health Coach

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Office Manager

About Functional Medicine

Unfortunately, our current healthcare system with the conventional medicine framework looks at patients as a diagnosis. That is the primary goal of the appointment: What is the diagnosis? With a diagnosis, you can then prescribe a medication and move on to the next patient.


In Functional Medicine, a conventional medicine diagnosis is just the beginning, and sometimes it may even be incorrect. We start by taking an exhaustive history and then plotting this information in a meaningful format called the Timeline. This helps tell your health story up to today. We then further synthesize this information using the Functional Medicine Matrix to explain your symptoms in terms of body systems and look for imbalances. The ongoing goal of Functional Medicine evaluation is to find the root cause of your symptoms and condition. We are then able to address the root cause instead of putting a bandaid on the symptom. Do you want to heal your symptoms or simply treat them with more medications as they continue to worsen?


We both know the answer to that question. Now we can starting working toward healing!