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We believe your body was designed to heal

Taking the CHRONIC out of chronic complex illness

Care at Ritual Functional Medicine

Discovery Call

Every prospective patient has a Discovery Call to ensure RFM is a good fit for their care needs and that they are a good fit for our practice. This free 30-minute zoom call is a time for you to describe your health concerns and ask questions about being a patient at RFM. If we are a mutual good fit, you will be scheduled for your Initial Consult with your provider.


Initial Consult


This is a very special experience in your healing journey. During your Initial Consult, your provider will get to know you and your story. Your provider will ask you to explain your current health concerns and tell your story. Through this discussion, your provider will be putting the pieces together of your health timeline to start connecting the dots and identifying possible root causes and patterns. These appointments are 60-120 minutes depending on the complexity of your case.

   60 minute   Initial Consult    $ 350

   75 minute    Initial Consult    $ 425

   90 minute   Initial Consult    $ 500

  120 minute   Initial Consult    $ 650

Follow-up Appointments

At follow-up appointments, your provider will do an in-depth check-in with you about how you are feeling, your progress with your treatment plan, if there are any new concerns, and the current status of your nutrition, sleep, movement, and stress. They will then review any new lab work and discuss the results in the context of your clinical picture. Lastly, your provider will make updates to your treatment plan and discuss goals for your next appointment. The typical follow-up appointment is 45 minutes in duration every 8 weeks. Occasionally, follow-up appointments are needed more frequently (every 2–6 weeks) for a period of time due to the complexity of the patient's case. If appointments need to be lengthened and time allows on the provider's schedule, the appointment cost will correspond to the total duration of the appointment as noted below.

    45 minute  Follow-up Appointment   $ 225

    60 minute  Follow-up Appointment   $ 300

    75 minute   Follow-up Appointment   $ 375

    90 minute  Follow-up Appointment   $ 450

   120 minute  Follow-up Appointment   $ 600


Check-in Appointments

Sometimes patients need to check-in with their provider between appointments because of new symptoms, to make urgent adjustments to their treatment program, or to discuss more involved questions that have arisen. These are typically 15-30 minutes in duration.

    15 minute  Check-in Appointment   $ 75

    30 minute Check-in Appointment   $ 150

Every appointment at RFM feels like a deep dive

Therapies We Use

Herbal Formulas


Vitamins & Supplements

Prescriptive Medications

Lifestyle Factors

Nervous System Support

Labs We Use

At RFM, you have access to cutting edge lab tests that can help illuminate the root causes of your chronic health concerns and give insight to the current state of your physiology.

We combine standard and advanced bloodwork + functional labs + genomics.

Virtual Lab Hubs

Functional Labs

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