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The Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) is a sound wave based therapy which is delivered remotely via Zoom with weekly, 45-minute sessions over 10 weeks by our health coach, Sunni. The SSP allows us to positively impact the nervous system, shifting it into a state of safety, connection, and healing, called ventral vagal. This reduces the nervous system’s reliance on survival states, such as dorsal vagal and sympathetic, which contribute to anxiety, stress, fatigue, and brain fog, along with a myriad of other symptoms. The SSP builds resilience in the nervous system to help us better cope with life's stressors. You will need to have over-the-ear headphones for your sessions.

The Safe & Sound Protocol is available to RFM patients and non-patients!


Current Ritual Functional Medicine Patients - Register Here

Friends & Family (non-RFM Patients) -  Register Here


Cost: $500 (payment plan available)
Duration: Ten weekly 45-minute sessions

Please Note:  Over-the-ear style headphones are required for your sessions.

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