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A compassionate, root cause approach to all stages of healing

Whether you are just getting started and have foundational needs or are several years into your healing journey, we are here to help you find answers so you can be WELL.

If you feel like your case is not closed.
You've seen countless practitioners.
Tried all the things.
Are still looking for answers.
Have been labeled chronic or complex.
Know that something is missing.

Are you ready to heal?

One of our providers would love to partner with you to identify the root cause of your symptoms and help you finally start putting one foot in front of the other on a path to true healing. Our providers specialize in navigating out of complex chronic illness because we know your current location is not your ultimate destination.

Get Scheduled With a Provider

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Providers at RFM have traditional medical credentials and prescriptive authority, meaning they can write prescriptions, but they approach patient care through a completely functional lens.

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Welcome to the Blog

We find ourselves in conversations about health and wellness with special people in our lives on the daily. Our blog is a collection of vignettes from these chats. Questions about various medical conditions. What to do for this or that symptom. Our favorite fill-in-the-blank. Healthy recipes galore. From nerdy to real life, academic to op-eds, we think you'll find a post or several that spark your interest.

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