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Have you ever felt frustrated with your body? Has thinking about your body ever felt shallow or superficial? Do you often think about your body’s shortcomings, imperfections or challenges? Do you hold your body to an unrealistic standard? Have other people made comments about your body? Do you feel shame surrounding your body - how it looks, what it’s going through, its abilities or capabilities? Jess Connolly takes on this hot topic through the lens of God’s love for us and how loving our bodies is a way of receiving God’s love in Breaking Free from Body Shame.

This FREE Book Club is open to RFM patients and non-patients!


Current Ritual Functional Medicine Patients - Register Here

Friends & Family (non-RFM Patients) -  Register Here

“Whether you struggle with eating or exercise habits, trauma or chronic illness, infertility or injury, this book makes space for you to experience God in that tender place. Writing from her own journey, Jess guides you through an eye-opening process of:


  • Finding freedom from the mentality that your body is a “project” in need of fixing

  • Changing the script of your self-talk from disempowering shame to empowering truth

  • Discovering self-care practices grounded in Scripture to let your body rest

  • Experiencing healing from labels your body has been given


The truest thing about you is that you are made and loved by God.

And the truest thing about Him is that He cannot make things bad.”

-  Jess Connolly

     Breaking Free from Body Shame


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If you are ready to reclaim what God has named good, we’d love for you to join us in Ritual Functional Medicine’s next Book Club!

Together, we will use Jess Connolly’s book Breaking Free from Body Shame along with the Bible Study Guide. This series will be broken down into six sessions over the course of six weeks. These sessions will focus on:

  • Kingdom Body Mindset

  • Renaming Your Body as Good

  • Resting from Striving in Your Body

  • Restoration Through Worship

  • Revival and Changing the Language


Each week, participants will read two chapters of the book and complete a session study. Each session study will include:

  • A note from Jess

  • Look for + Pray for

  • Read + Reflect

  • Personal Journaling + Reflection

  • Personal Scripture Study

  • Community Questions

  • A Break Free Body Project


We will be offering this Book Club to patients and non-patients for no charge starting in October 2022!


Live group sessions will meet via Zoom on Thursdays from October 13th to November 17th at 6:00pm MDT.

Participants will be required to purchase:

  • Breaking Free from Body Shame by Jess Connolly (Approximately $15.99)

  • Breaking Free from Body Shame Bible Study Guide (Approximately $20)

The book and study guide can be purchased here:


We are SO excited to see how this study impacts us and all God has planned for this group of women! We’d love for you to join us on the journey towards reclaiming what God has already named good! See y’all soon!


After registering, head over to the "Welcome - Let's get started!" module in Practice Better! There, you’ll find everything you need to get started and to be prepared for our first live session on Thursday, October 13th! If this book club is full or if you'd love to participate, but Thursday evenings don't work, please email us at:


We look forward to seeing you and walking together in community very soon!

Current Ritual Functional Medicine Patients - Register Here

Friends & Family (non-RFM Patients) -  Register Here

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